Hello, summer

I had a great birthday. Thanks so much to everyone who reached out to say hello and Happy Birthday – it means a lot.

We’re in the midst of a classic July heat wave for Socal. Daily temps above 90F and very little breeze to cool things down in the evenings. The only positive is that the pool is finally warm enough for me to venture in. K swims in it as early as April, in temperatures I would never consider. She’s tough; I like my warm water.

I’ve mostly recovered from the gloom and doom feelings of a week ago. Nothing’s changed other than my re-found ability to ignore the calamities and just think about a better future.

Emily has sent a lot of great pictures of the family and kids (example above). They’re very photogenic, wouldn’t you say?

I’m already starting to think about another trip(s) east in September or October. I’d like to:

  • See the kids and other family again
  • Play golf in NOLA with my buddy Jon at his annual member-guest tournament
  • See the fall colors in eastern forests

The BIG question is drive or fly. I can imagine that enough might change/improve by then to fly. Would sure be a lot faster. Just daydreaming, FedX should start a new service where they actually ship a person to a destination. Sedate you, package you up in a virus-proof pod with filtered airflow for 4-5 hours and voila – you’re there. Could call it SleepShip™️. I might do it, but K will have nightmares even thinking about it.

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