Always darkest just before the dawn

Headline picture above is of the nice sunrise I was gifted as I left Tulsa at 6am.

Had a discussion / almost argument with my daughter today about the Democrat’s rallying cry of “defund the police”. She pretty much likes the slogan at face value. I respect her opinion, but I don’t understand it or agree with it. In my opinion, that is a terrible, election-losing slogan. It’s a slogan that is so easy to turn back against the Demos, and effectively – much like Hilary’s unfortunate quote about “a basket of deplorables”. That quote cost her a LOT of votes in 2016. The Demos have again proven to be completely clueless about memes and the power of slogans, and the Repubs just the opposite. They have some messaging geniuses in their camp. We have…zealots.

No one in their right mind wants to eliminate the police. But that’s exactly how the opposition will spin that slogan. Cop culture certainly needs to change, but human nature is eternal – there will always be bad people, criminals, that we need police to deal with. So let’s not give the Repubs a wedge to drive between moderate Americans and a vote for sanity (i.e, Biden). Win the election and then make the necessary changes.

In other news my AirBnB host added a new table, chairs and umbrella to the little backyard deck attached to the house. It’s great – that’s where this post is being written. This ABnB is pretty much the best ever, and I’ll detail that in my review. It’s nice to get lucky like this on a long stay.

In other other news, staying keto is pretty much impossible on this trip. I give up. Pizza, exotic sandwiches, bakeries everywhere…it’s enough to make a carnivore surrender. And…pimento cheese. Every little grocery carries a unique style of pimento cheese and I have no defense. Must try them all. And you have to have crackers or bread to spread the pimento cheese upon. I always wondered why people in the south have a weight problem, and this is pretty much it. Pimento cheese.

Finally…Emily got a bunch of family pictures from a pro photographer today. Here’s an example. Pretty sweet.

The Monsma Family

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