Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies

Haven’t posted much lately due to a lot of factors. Illness for a week+, the Thanksgiving holidays, company at the house, some lightweight consulting work…no lack of distractions. I hope to remedy that for the rest of the month.

The big news for the month is “we’re not getting any younger”. We all know that but sometimes life conspires to bring that fact to your attention, hard. For me it’s a combination of a few of my own health/aging issues (minor, as these things go) and my Dad’s health/aging issues (not minor at all).

Dad has gone through yet another cycle of getting quite sick and mentally zonked at home, then a stay in the hospital to treat a few things, and then a stay in a rehab hospital to deal with the aftermath of being ill in his mid-80s. So I and a couple of my brothers have made the trip to eastern KY to do what we can.

Assuming responsibility for my Dad’s well-being is scary, and I’m really glad I’ve got my family for support. There’s soooo much to do. Assuming Dad gets enough of his health back, we hope to move them to Louisville where they’ll have a better family and medical support system. But that involves moving stuff, changing their MDs, financial changes and commitments, huge change for them…it’s daunting.

But this aging thing is something we’ll all go through and I’m glad we’re here for Dad on this part of his journey. For the next few weeks and months we’ll be sorting through the details of their lives, trying to make whatever time they’re got left a bit better. Wish us luck.

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