Fishing, golfing, napping and noshing

Big day today.

Took grandson Hudson fishing again, but this time for real. He enjoyed it, Greg and I loved it. We didn’t catch anything except a lot of great memories. My fishing buddies are in the picture above and below.


After fishing, stopped by Wild Eggs for a simple brunch. Their food is always good, but I remember the portions being bigger.

Ran some errands for Em, then took a retirement nap. I do love those retirement naps – having poor nighttime sleep habits is easier to deal with when you can settle in for a 2pm nap.

Next I spent a while trying to find my golf swing at the Senenca Park Golf Course, which has a nice driving range. Apparently this course is played more than any other in KY – very popular and convenient. Another great product of the Louisville metro parks system, which I now believe is the best in the nation.

Good thing I only went to the range – within three swings my back tweaked and every swing thereafter was…painful. And awkward. Between the bad knee, bad shoulder and now the back, I’m ready to turn this carcass in for a new one. “Gettin’ old ain’t for sissies” – Jim Moore, said many times.

Finished the day with a quick stop at Louvino, one of my favorite Louisville restaurants. It’s not the same; they’re operating with a reduced menu and a skeleton crew. Just had an hors d’ouvre and a glass of Carmenere. Sat at an outside table on the sidewalk and watched the Bardstown Road traffic and oddballs go by. Amazing how many people decide to burn rubber at the stoplights on Bardstown. I mean, the traffic is bad, but accelerating hard for 150 feet doesn’t help you much. It’s entertaining, though.

It helped that this is another atypical cool, breezy, low humidity day in Louisville. I brought the San Diego weather with me, I suppose. You’re welcome.

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