When the going gets tough…

…the tough get going. I find that have a lot of resolve these days, and I’m getting a lot done. I’m writing my novel (just passed 50K words), doing a new project for one of my companies, doing some very necessary financial re-planning, and trying to get started exercising. Oh, and I picked a terrible time to quit drinking. I decided a while back that I would have a “dry month” from early March to early April, and that’s going fine. But if there was ever a time to drink, this would be it. Go figure; my timing has always been crummy.

Every day these days is an “interesting” day, in the Chinese curse sense of the word. Kind of gives a whole new take on that cliche. We do indeed live in interesting times.

The worldwide confirmed C19 cases count just passed 400K today. It’s going up about 100K per day now. The US’s “number of new infections last 24 hours” has been the highest in the world the last couple of days – it’s 9000+ for the most recent 24 hours, and no other country is even close. The worldwide mortality rate is now 4.5%, a number that’s been trending up for a week or so. Italy, Spain and Iran are the drivers behind that high and climbing mortality rate. So worldwide curves are still going up, and the US curves most of all. I’d say we’re still 2-3 months away from peak C19 in the US, and that’s if we continue to keep the clamps down on people. If Trump has his way and reopens the country for business soon (inasmuch as he can), all bets are off. (C19 statistics from COVID19info).

Update. Just as I was writing this, Dear Leader has now placed a timeline on reopening the country for business – Easter Sunday, April 12th, two and a half weeks from now. If that happens, we’ll end up with multiple waves of virus infections beyond the one we’re in right now. I would very much prefer the federal government listened to health leadership on this topic, but I suspect the decision will be economy over safety. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for people going back to work and collecting a paycheck. Just not together in offices, stores, airplanes and such. Not yet.


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