March notes

It’s hard not to get caught up in the news right now, with the two big topics of (1) COVID-19, and (2) the messy process of choosing a Democratic challenger to Trump.

On the first item, it looks to me like we’re seeing geometric growth in the virus in the US. That is, every week or so the infected and death counts are doubling or more. That’s a scary scenario. We’ll know in about a month if that’s true, or if awareness and precautions start to slow the growth. Meanwhile, this chart is definitely bad news for us baby boomers. Chances of dying due to COVID-19 if you’re under age 50 are essentially zero. For ages 60+, the mortality rates are pretty scary. I have travel plans in April and I’m watching the situation closely. If geometric growth continues, I’ll probably reschedule.

On the Democratic presidential primary, I’m not all that surprised that Biden is showing so strongly. He’s the safe, moderate, experienced choice. Those are adjectives that I think most of the country wants to hear, and that’s showing up in the vote. After thinking it all through, I think Biden would do well to select Amy Klobuchar as his VP nominee, checking the boxes of younger, female, Midwest, personable and yes, also safe, moderate and experienced. We’ll see – Biden has a plethora of good choices.

Finally. looking back exactly a year ago this week, we experienced a superbloom in the CA deserts and foothills. Pictures from a 3/9/19 outing near Corona CA below and in the post featured image.


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