Cabo 2020

Even with both of us sick, we decided to go ahead with our annual week at our Cabo resort. We both really wanted to see the place again (we missed last year), and even sick we figured we could handle the main activity of whale watching from our beachside patio. We were right.

The whale watching the first couple of days was spectacular – whales any direction you might look and lots of full-body breaches. We made good use of the new Canon image-stabilized binoculars and just enjoyed the show. We rested up those days, trying to get ready for our traditional Tuesday fishing expedition.

Both Monday and Tuesday we were treated to spectacular Cabo sunrises.


The Tuesday outing was a mixed success. We each caught a nice fish – Kathryn caught a big one, twenty-five pounds or so, picture above – but they were both roosterfish, not particularly good eating. So we didn’t get shut out but we also didn’t bring home any fish for sashimi and subsequent meals. We released both roosterfish, and that felt good.

During the fishing day a strong cold front moved through the area, what the locals call a “norte”. I think that had something to do with the poor fishing, and it definitely affected whale watching the next 2-3 days. The whales pretty much disappeared on Wednesday and began to return Thursday, though still pretty far offshore.

There was a Mexican fiesta one night at the resort, and while we didn’t attend, I got some good pictures of the performers.



oA4c+kO0TyCby0E7DvJMZw_thumb_cc83.jpgDuring all this time our also-traditional meal explorations were limited. We ate simple meals at the resort just because it was easy. We cancelled a Monday reservation at El Farallon, a place I’ve wanted to go for a while. We just weren’t feeling good enough to enjoy a night out. We did manage to make it to an old favorite, Los Tres Gallos, on Wednesday evening (pictured below). The chicken mole was as good as we remembered, and the place has friendly, spectacular service.


We had another memorable mini-meal at the Las Brisas bar at the neighboring Grand Sol Mar. The Las Brisas is a small bar at the north end of the resort, right on the beach. It’s the best waterfront bar on the Pacific side of Cabo, bar none (so to speak). We had a nice Guadalupe wine with a couple of rounds of sushi and enjoyed the ocean sunset. Pretty hard to beat.



On Friday, Valentine’s Day, we’re going to Manta, a restaurant we’ve read a lot about but never tried. More stories and photos after that.

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