Alaska cruise, day 5 – Ketchikan

We floated into Ketchikan bright and early, docking at 7am. With only a half day to spend here, we had rolled the dice and booked a half day salmon fishing expedition. Our dice came up a lucky number, as we had a near perfect day. The weather was bright and sunny (we had only about one chance in 4 or 23% of having a non-rainy day – Ketchikan has 280 rainy days per year). We ended up with a great ship captain and good fishing partners (thanks to Nate and Charlie from Mansfield OH), and we caught plenty of King Salmon. Almost any day fishing is a great day, but a calm water sunny day where you make a good catch – priceless.

Most of the Kings we caught were small, under five pounds, but we caught a few that would have been keepers in the seven-ish pound range. Nothing huge, but plenty of fun. We trolled four lines at once, bait behind/below us at 80-120 feet down, and took turns


landing each strike. Here’s our new friend Nate and our captain Leif. Our young captain was a really nice kid, and he did a great job keeping our lines in the water and landing fish without harming them – we did catch and release all day. Jason Momoa and Alaska thank us.

IMG_4618.JPGThe scenery on the water around Ketchikan was sublime. Like the most beautiful freshwater lake you’ve ever seen, only it was ocean channel. And deep ocean channel – we were in 700-800 feet of water most of the time (!).

The pictures we have can’t do the place justice, but here they are anyway. This was a place we could see coming back to for a week or more during high fishing season.

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