Let’s try again tomorrow

Elon Musk disappointed me twice this morning. Once for flushing X-Twitter further down the drain. How can the person who created Tesla and SpaceX be the same person who is busy making a fool of himself on social media?

The second disappointment is that SpaceX moved the Starship launch window to tomorrow, 11/18. After I got up at 430am all excited to watch today.


I had a practically perfect day yesterday. Binge-watched the first season of For All Mankind (holy shit, that first season is *good*). Took a two mile walk. Had a couple of glasses of wine and a great caprese salad at our backyard vineyard. Read a book, took a nap. Finalized some travel plans. Listened to Pink Floyd and Tame Impala at about 100 db. Solved a nagging post-retirement health insurance dilemma at the perfect time, during the open enrollment period for 2024. All in, a great day. Let’s have a few more of those.


Heather Cox Richardson provided a great summary of Pres Biden’s meetings with China’s Xi Jinping this week. She notes that the power dynamic has shifted and that China is more ready to have a constructive relationship with the US. Great news. Can you imagine if Trump was our leader during this moment? Biden is doing a great job in positioning the US as first among equals on the world stage. Trump’s foreign relations track record is/was awful, embarrassing, idiotic. International relationships require thoughtful and careful actions, not bluster and threats. I’m thankful we have someone in the job right now who understands that need.