Here’s great example of how 90% of the shit in this world is produced by 1% of the people. One energetic, misguided or evil person can do a lot of damage – for example, Vicki Baggett. How is this person is still teaching?


Another Democratic candidate? I saw Dean Phillips on Bill Maher’s show, and I was impressed. He’s intelligent, accomplished, and seems a genuinely good person. But he’s unknown and a political neophyte. If he can get some PR and momentum going, I would vote for him. He’s pretty much the anti-Trump in every dimension.

So yes, I’m worried about a Biden-Trump rematch.


I’ve got a LOT of digital photos (100s) that won’t load/display properly in any software and it’s driving me nuts. They’re all from my Fuji SX-10. I can’t tell if they’re actual photos I now have no access to, or artifacts of the import process, or…? I’ve tried a dozen JPEG and RAW format repair techniques, and nothing works. Best case it’s a misbehaving SD card and if I change that, the errors will stop. It’s one more reason I’m considering giving up on high-end photography – it’s just so easy with an iPhone. But then I look at something like these produced by the Fuji and I second guess myself. Superb clarity and sharpness.