With all the beauty in Hawaii, I’ve done a shitty job taking or posting pictures. The lava fields, the ocean, golf courses, sunset views, improbable landscapes – the place is ripe for great pictures. I’ve taken a few good ones, but haven’t bothered to store/process them yet on the laptop, so they’re not available for the blog. Will have to fix that.

Today is travel day and the tradewinds are up. So our flight is delayed, meaning we’ll have to be airport gypsies at the comically-small Kona airport. Could be a long day.

But flight delay aside, it’s been a great trip. Epic golf, food and wine, great friends and Hawaii as the backdrop. Could be worse.

Tomorrow, back to the Socal place and a bunch of to-dos, starting with an olive harvest on Wednesday. A fairly big to-do, that one. Here are a couple of shots from a previous harvest.