Somnia. It’s not a word we use often; it may not even be a proper English noun, but unsurprisingly somnia is the opposite of insomnia. And somnia is what I experienced for the first time in weeks. Eight hours of solid sleep in two four hour chunks, separated by a peaceful hour or so awake in the middle. That’s entirely tolerable, and left me feeling good this morning, rest-wise. A novel feeling.


UK lost a football game they should not have last night against Missouri. I saw the first half, and was surprised to see the final score. UK receivers need to catch the ball, full stop. Their constant drops cost the game. That’s gotta be frustrating for the QB. Certainly is for the fans.


This was a really interesting article and discussion about being poor-ish in America. On Substack via Hacker News, of all places. As usual, the comments are where the real nuances and extremes are exposed.

I am reminded of how fortunate I’ve been in life. Parents who provided for us when we were children. A college education with no trailing debt. Good jobs, then great jobs that included travel and perspective. Financial security 99% of that time. Whatever travails that older age and declining health bring, I’ve had a long run on the easy setting of life.


I kind of like this picture of me and two of my football team mates at our recent get-together. Mike Delvizis and Terry Keelin. Two great people, 50 years after we played together.

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