Bad Friday

It’s Friday the 13th, woo-hoo. Haven’t had one of those in a while, but this one sure feels like it’s supposed to. To wit:

  • Congress is busy arguing about a choice between a white supremacist or a rape-enabler as their leader for the House. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Israel/Gaza burn and our government is kneecapped.
  • After five days of strict “let’s get healthy” R&R&R (rest, relaxation, and restraint), I see light at the end of the tunnel. Still some cold symptoms, but reduced and feeling stronger. Just in time for the grandkids to be gone for the weekend. My timing is remarkably bad.
  • My MD has a recommendation for me that I *really* don’t like. I’m thinking about it. (Nothing life-threatening, just lifestyle-changing).
  • The Democrat Senator from NJ looks to be a foreign agent, for Egypt of all places. Bob Menendez, a real piece of work. Silver lining, in NJ the Democrat governor will have the right to appoint a replacement. Please try to find someone less corrupt.
  • The Israelis are telling one+ million Gazans to head south now, on foot, to get the hell out of Dodge in 24 hours. Let’s see, a million person forced march though a 25 mile war zone in a single day…yeah, that’ll work. Their very own Trail of Tears.

All-in, yeah, this feels like Friday the 13th. Michael Myers will surely show up at the house tonight.

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