Black Friday

Well, this is a crummy way to start a day:

  • Congress is more of a dumpster fire than usual. Can’t (won’t) promote military leaders. Can’t agree on a budget. Can’t be decent or polite to a visiting leader, Zelenski. Zero interest shown in actual governing. Southern border in worse shape than usual and all Congress does is yell at each other about it. They’re a complete embarrassment.
  • Some asshole has had my Turo car parked on the side of the freeway all night in Louisville. I can think of several reasons why, and none of them are good. Now trying to find out what’s wrong.
  • My annual SDG&E bill (electricity) is ready and it’s worse than I thought.

With all this shitty news I think I’ll (a) start a good book, and (b) get some exercise. The day has to get better.

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