Get off my lawn

I’m feeling my age lately. When did:

  • Something that used to get published or released, get “dropped”?
  • A writer become a “content creator”?
  • An essay, story, and/or pictures, become simply “content”?
  • Every smiling young person become an “influencer”?
  • Humans exist in more than two sexes?
  • DWI become DUI? And now it’s OVI. WTF is OVI?
  • Half of everyone stop trusting scientists and doctors (i.e., those who actually know things)?
  • Everyone get so damn sensitive about everything?

I suppose this is a natural part of getting old – you notice the little things that the next generation(s) have “decided” without consulting you. Or in direct opposition to you.

The whole content creator / influencer culture is hard to stomach. A cult of personality for those with no purpose in life. I know, I shouldn’t care. But I’m an old dude and that’s what we do.

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