Dreading Wednesday

Some unusual news from my hometown. Royalty visits Ashland, KY.


My new Vera-Link Bluetooth devices are in, and I like them a lot. It’s a great idea – add a VL micro-amp to any old speaker and turn it into a wireless stereo system. I’m still trying to get the information that’ll tell me what audio quality I’m actually getting – need to know which Bluetooth codec is used – but the music sounds fine. Now I can play with all the old speakers I’ve got lying around without constructing a full wired system. Just laptop (source) and Vera-Link powered speakers. Electrical engineers just make the world more fun.


This is interesting. And weird. Sony releases a chip that powers itself and downstream devices by harvesting energy from thin air. Well, not thin air, but from electromagnetic noise produced by other local devices. I think in Star Wars they call that The Force. We live in magical times.


Joke for the day: I told my wife I wanted to be cremated. She made me an appointment for Wednesday.

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