Just another Thursday

SpaceX’s Starship next test launch is getting closer. Full stack achieved yesterday, but there are still a lot of steps before launch. From Everyday Astronaut.


My friend Robert over at Blue Heron Blast is having a bad day. He’s had a lot of health problems, serious ones, so I’m sure that is affecting his disposition. Though I have to say, I’ve made the same observations. When disappointed in people, remember that about half of them have an IQ (a troublesome metric involving some combination of education and native intelligence) below the national average, and that average itself is falling. Yeah, it’s an arrogant, elitist POV, but it’s unfortunately true. Idiocracy may be prophetic.

And I totally agree with his furniture comments. Furniture used to be purchased with generations in mind. Now it’s mostly throwaway.


As long as we’re on the subject of intelligence, this Scientific American article is thought-provoking.

The good news for older adults is that not only can we continue to acquire domain-specific knowledge into older age, but purpose in life is also modifiable. It seems that the question “When does intelligence peak?” is actually a rather meaningless question. Not only do our various cognitive functions peak at different times, but past a certain age it might make more sense to view adult intelligence not through the lens of youthful general processing speed and reasoning, but through the lens of expertise, wisdom and purpose.

Makes sense to me. Having a purpose at this stage of life is hugely important. I’m still struggling with what that might be for me, and I need to get on with it. Clock is ticking.


Looks like China has reached some kind of tipping point with respect to communications technology. They’re apparently tired of contributing to Apple, the world’s largest company. Huawei just released a 5G phone, and China just ordered all government employees to give up their iPhones. China accounts for 18% of Apple’s iPhone revenue, so…that’s a big deal. My Apple stock is likely to take a big hit.

I don’t blame China. It’s what they should do, though it’s likely that Huawei has broken some laws in acquiring the 5G technology.