For you political wonks, this presentation by Ron Messina, the campaign manager behind Obama’s 2012 re-election, is really interesting. Messina also has good data on the swing states I wrote about a few days ago. His basic message – relax, we’re right where we need to be.

What he doesn’t address is the other (not Trump) elephant in the room – that a vote for the Biden-Harris ticket in 2024 is a shadow vote for Harris as President when Biden doesn’t make it through his second term. I predict that Republicans will hit that message *hard*, and it will make a difference with a lot of folks.

Biden will be 82 at the end of 2024. I just don’t think the odds of him being able to do one of the world’s more stressful jobs for four more years, ages 82-86, are good. And I don’t think America should ask him to do so. But that’s where things are heading.


I’m seeing a lot more support for my idea (I don’t know if I was first, probably not, but I wrote about it before I read about it elsewhere) for KY Gov Beshear to use Mitch McConnell’s do-nothing strategy against him.

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