And it’s September already

I was willing to give Vivek Ramaswamy a chance to prove he’d be a good leader, but after digging into how he made his personal fortune, it’s a nope. Hard no. He’s an ethically-bankrupt, smart con man, the last thing we need (again) in the Oval Office.

I’m a realist – most anyone running for high public office has ethical problems in their past. Successful politicians have all compromised their integrity in one way or another. But this kind of high stakes, calculated stock pump and dump is impossible to ignore. Some people will say it just makes him smart. I say it makes him a big-time crook.


John Scalzi, irritatingly successful science fiction author, is living his best life in Ohio. Dude bought a small town church and refurbed it. Now that’s an interesting hobby.


I have become 100% in favor of not only term limits for public servants, but age limits too. It’s not age-ism, it’s a practical and caring point of view. Mitch McConnell, Diane Feinstein, and dozens of other 80+ US politicians just can’t let go of their positions and power, to the detriment of their constituents and their own legacies. Once you hit the age of 80, I say you should pass the torch onward and enjoy the short time you have left with family and friends. McConnell and Feinstein are the prime examples of hanging on way, way too long and doing no one any favors. Term limits, ten years in most public offices. Age limits, call it 80. These two changes would do a lot to shift the balance of power in our country away from the 1% and toward the actual middle class.


University of KY football season starts tomorrow and I’ll be watching. The football team has great prospects, and in my house it’ll be a nice warmup for the real sporting event – UK basketball. But for now, let the pigskin fly.


You might want to think twice before taking those handfuls of vitamins and supplements you’ve been told will keep you healthy. Dammit!


I really, really need this website. I’m good at some things, but tying knots isn’t one of them. There’s some kind of broken circuit between my brain and my hands – the motions needed to tie knots just elude me. And as quick as I might learn one, I’ll forget how to do it in a few days. Another reason I wouldn’t make a good sailor.

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  1. I enjoyed the variety today. Since many of my family sail, I found the knot link fascinating and my curiosity was peaked by the adjective “irritatingly” used re Scalzi.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights.

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