Two hours until departing for the airport and I’m still running through the list of things that should be done. Good news, I’ve finished all the “must be done” items and now am working through the “should be done” list. Having a second home isn’t as easy as one might think.

It’s likely to be a while before I’m back in Louisville. The kids are coming west in late Sept, and October is filled with previous commitments. So my Turo car will have plenty of time to make money for us.

After an active day yesterday – bike ride and nine holes of golf, plus lots of chores – my body feels like shit. Part of it is the not-enough-sleep syndrome. That I have to get fixed when I reach the Left Coast.

I *am* looking forward to the cool (I hope) and absolutely quiet nights at the Los Campos house. Frogs, owls, and coyotes are all one can hear at night. I love that stillness. I’ve pretty much stopped hearing the train at Galt, but…it’s still there. It probably adds to the poor sleep.

I have good books to read, and I should be able to get an exit row seat. That’ll give me a chance to rest or even sleep on the journey west. The worst part of the trip will probably be the drive home – landing at 3pm in Orange County means I’ll hit some serious traffic driving south. ETA is maybe 530pm at Los Campos.

It’s been an eventful 2-3 months, and I’m still processing everything. Lots to think about, and about three weeks ahead with no travel, no guests, no commitments. That sounds nice.

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