Bad luck

People who cross Vladimir Putin have a remarkable habit of dying by “accident”. Some of them are poisoned. Many of them fall out of upper story windows – Putin’s enemies are a clumsy bunch. And now one of his greatest enemies, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of Wagner Group mercenaries, has died in an unfortunate plane crash. Such terrible luck – what are the odds?

This is another one of those “you couldn’t make this shit up” situations. A Russian dictator kills everyone who crosses him using a variety of somewhat creative methods. That movie script would get rejected as too obvious, not enough drama. But here it happens right in front of us.

And today is the day our wannabe-dictator Trump gets arrested (again, for the fourth time!) in Atlanta. The GA prosecutor Fani Willis is kicking ass and taking names, namely Trump and 18 co-conspirators who tried to wreck the Georgia 2020 presidential election.

If Putin was one of the co-conspirators, I’d be very worried for Willis’ well being. With MAGA-types getting riled up over this there’s still cause for worry, but she’s not at Putin-level risk.

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