Right on track

And it has begun, 4am Socal time. Rain during August in Socal. Not heavy yet, just a tenth of an inch per hour. But it looks like rain there for the next 48 hours or so. The storm center is still 400 miles from Fallbrook.

The latest storm track has the now-Cat 1 hurricane moving exactly up I-15, which will take the storm center within a mile or two of our place. That should be interesting.

CA becomes the new FL, weather-wise. Wouldn’t that be something (awful)?

Not a big day in KY today. Running some errands in advance of the kids party for Hudson’s birthday – I’ll be the delivery guy, but won’t attend. Having become aware of COVID clusters among family and friends lately, a gathering of dozens of frenzied kids is just a bad idea for me. The below-30 generation has no choice but to assume they’re going to get COVID many times over their lives, just like flus and the common cold, so might as well get on with it while you’re young and strong. I’m in a different category, so some discretion is wise, IMHO.

Maybe some healthy outdoor activity later today – some golf with cousin Chris. All the while keeping track of the H2O shitshow happening out west. All in all, a good relaxed Sunday.

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