Nice morning

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day here in Louisville. I started the day doing some lightweight child care for grandson Jesse – a great way to start the day. He wakes up cheerful and happy – I remember that; I used to be a morning person. But he’s such a happy little guy. For the rest of the day we have some light exercise, some writing, some golf on TV, and a dinner with the kids.

It was nice being out and about before 630am. No traffic, and you could see Louisville waking up in various ways. Kids and parents waiting on corners to see if JCPS redeems themselves from last week’s bus debacle. People – mostly seniors – gathered at cafes for early coffee and breakfast. High school runners out in fast-moving packs. All in cool temps and morning light. I should do that more often.

The media has really picked up on the fact that hurricane Hilary is set to hit Socal. Latest weather models have the storm centerlining across Oceanside, a stone’s throw away from our place. It’s possible that the storm will stall out and diminish over cooler waters before it hits us, but it’s also possible that a full-on Cat 1 or 2 storm will make landfall. That could cause a lot of damage around our place – mostly downed trees. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out Monday and Tuesday.

Title picture above is one of my favorite shots from Africa, taken atop the escarpment leading down into Kruger National Park. Beautiful country.

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