Yesterday’s news of Trump’s 4th indictment is still the big story, as it should be. The RICO angle of his Georgia charges gives me hope. RICO charges have some real teeth, and it will force our justice system to deal with the undefined relationship of Presidential criminality, the DoJ and Congress. Best case is (a) he’s convicted and punished, and (b) we get some clarity about limits on Presidential powers, including an explicit clause or two about Presidents being subject to the same law as everyone else. I’ll say it again, the Framers never imagined anyone like Trump. He’s the embodiment of a Black Swan event.

Dealing with some heavy brain fog this morning after a crummy night’s sleep. Combine an exciting day (leaving a lot on the mind) with too much wine at dinner, and you’ve got the ingredients for a bad sleep night. Then on top of that I was nicely asleep and dreaming at about 230am when I heard this loud voice coming from under the bed. WTF? It was Roomba complaining about being stuck down there. Fucking Roomba. I left it on during the evening and forgot about it when I went to bed, so it hid under the bed, waiting to make its passive aggressive little announcement at the worst possible time. I retrieved the little bastard from under the bed and impaled it on its charging station, making us both a little happier. But the damage was done – after 230 sleep was problematic. Today will have to include a serious nap.

It’s gonna be really hot on the Left Coast these next few days. News like this gives me a very bad feeling about the upcoming Socal fire season. The Maui fire is/was horrific, but I think some big fires are coming for CA, OR, and WA this fall. I hope I’m wrong.

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