Sunday trivia

Bad case of time zone lag today – wide awake at 4am. My body is still trying to figure out where/when I am. I just finished a book, so not quite ready to start another. So thankful for Golf Channel coverage of this weekend’s tourney at all hours of the day.

The verdict on yesterday’s pricey bison steaks was…just OK. They cooked a little differently than beef, they tasted just fine and they were mostly tender. But for the price difference, I think I’ll stick with Costco beef. Even Costco prime is a better price. I suppose that’s just the simple economics of scale – small local producer has to charge a lot more than a national high-volume distributor.

Also notable from yesterday was the difficulty of cooking in a small kitchen. In CA we’re blessed with a big kitchen and acres of counter space. Trying to do my usual multi-tasking cook in a tiny kitchen was difficult. Chaotic. First world problem, I know.

With all the insomnia, I’m on a bit of a Wordle roll. Last three results have been 2 guesses, 1 guess (!), and 3 guesses. There’s nothing clever about guessing it in one – you just have to get lucky. My lucky guess was “hello”. That’s an atypical and statistically weak first guess, as it has one repeating letter. But it was my first day back in KY, so, hello.

Yesterday’s grand plan to convert most of my excess basil into pesto ran into the reality that we only have a small food processor here. I made a little, but the processor just wasn’t up to the job. Might go shopping for a bigger/better food processor, or might just buy pesto when I want it. So much for home cooking.

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