Having a nice cookout today for my brothers and supporting the local economy at the same time. Bought everything at the St Matthews Farmers Market. Menu will include grilled bison ribeye steaks, focaccia bread with fresh tomato, EVOO, and garlic topping, grilled SW-style corn, some caprese salad with locally sourced mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes, plus basil from the backyard. Should be yummy. The bison steaks were stupid expensive, but I wanted to try them. Costco lost a sale.

This is high season for local produce here in KY, so may as well take advantage of it.

And it’s supposed to rain this morning. I sure hope so – haven’t seen any rain in a couple of months. The winter in S Africa is also the dry season, so it was bone dry down there. And the same when we returned to Socal. So bring it on.

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