Back in business

One trip to the Apple Store and I’m back in the computer-using business. (1) Getting my 2022 MacBook Air fixed; getting the display replaced. Cost wasn’t as much as I expected, ands they’ll ship it to me in KY next week. (2) Got my 2016 MacBook Pro working again, through some miracle of reboot/reset/refresh at the store. That’s what I’m using at the moment. (3) Bought the Magic keypad for my iPad Pro, so it can now be a backup computer of sorts. Typing on it is pretty nice.

And it was all pretty simple. Their tech at the Genius Bar was very good.

It bothers me that I don’t know exactly how/why my MB Pro got resurrected, but I’m not going too sweat it. Just happy to have it back. I think it still has a power/battery problem, but at the moment…all systems are go.

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