Water 2.0

This week we’re getting our newfangled water filtration system installed. The new pump is back in the well, 600-ish feet down. Here’s a picture of the crew doing that work in and among the thirsty trees surrounding our well head.

Parts of the new filtration system are at the house/garage (a water softener and last-stage filters), but one of the more exotic parts is an addition to our storage tank – a “water polisher”. It swirls the water around in a whirlpool and sucks out the particulates through a process I don’t yet understand. For now it’s just FM. The polisher is pictured below – it’s the device with an orange stripe around it on a skidpad.

We’re investing a lot in our Water 2.0 system, but with good reasons. I’ve watched in dismay as our old system produced water that killed as many trees as it saved – the irrigation water was just too full of salt, iron and particulates for many plants. The new system should make the water as pure and salt-free as any city water system, without the chlorine. Check with me in 4-5 years and we’ll know if 2.0 did the job.

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