One month into summer

Another summer weekend, another pool party/cookout, another birthday. Great times and a little too much wine – that’s pretty much the summary of summer 2021 so far. Could be worse. For the next three weeks things slow down and get back to normal, whatever that is these days. Maybe catch up on sleep and repair the blood chemistry.

Been thinking about making a single big push to finish the novel. I can hardly call myself a writer for the past nine months, as the only things I’ve written are technical documents and this blog. I’m ready to dive back into attempting to be a creative writer. More than ever I feel my window is closing – I won’t have the drive or mental acuity to write forever. I’m torn between writing the book with the structure I want (a long backstory opening, explaining each of the characters and how they came to be on the Moon) versus the structure everyone else seems to think is better, which is jumping right into the action on the Moon. We’ll see.

Finally, in the best news I’ve heard this summer, NASA found a way to revive the Hubble Telescope after a month in “safe mode” (aka not functional). Losing it would have been a technology tragedy.

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