Dr. StrangeGov

El Jefe, one of my favorite contributors over at Juanita Jean’s Beauty Salon, has a great take on TX Gov Greg Abbott’s idiotic proclamation that TX is open for business, full capacity indoors and no masks required.

I should be clear about this – I think opening businesses under responsible, controlled conditions is great. All for it. But it’s not time to stop wearing masks and distancing. We still have 2,000 people dying of COVID in the US every single day. Most people would consider that unacceptable and do what they could to reduce the body count. But not Greg Abbott.

From the article:

Everyone needs to brace for the next big wave that is certain to come, extending the misery in Texas even longer. Texas’ response to the pandemic has been nothing more than piss-poor.  For comparison, let’s look at a country with similar populations with much better results: Taiwan.  Texas has 29 million people.  Taiwan, 24 million.  Deaths in Texas? 44,000.  Taiwan? 9.  That’s right, 9.  Taiwan did it right.  They never locked down, but implemented strong quarantine rules, contact tracing, and most important, PAID their people to stay home.  Like most of Europe, Taiwan took the financial stress out of the equation.  By contrast, Abbott and the idiots in the legislature added to people’s misery by providing little to no assistance.  Add that to Trump’s incompetence, and you get some of the worst COVID response on the planet.  Thanks for nothing.

Mississippi is also opening with no restrictions. Florida probably next. The usual suspects.

I realize my last couple of posts have been negative, kind of whiny. Having a hard time staying positive the last few days and not sure why. Another ugly loss by UK last night didn’t help. It’s probably time to take a step back, take stock of all the good things in life and refocus on those.