Better days ahead

It’s definitely a new year with a new feel. I can finally stop worrying about what new outrage the TCF (Trump Crime Family) might commit next. We can all feel better knowing that the federal government will actually be working for us again. Biden/Harris certainly aren’t going to solve all our problems, but they will make things better over time and I don’t expect them to add to the list of Big Problems we have today.

On the personal front, I just started an exciting project where I get to work with quantum encryption and 5G network technologies. My role isn’t as a technologist or engineer, but more of a project manager. But working with these advanced technologies feels good. That’s how I started my career and it’s great to get a dose of high-tech again.

This gig comes at the expense of novel writing time, but…a friend needed some immediate and trusted help on this, the money is good, and it’s super interesting. So the novel will have to go on the back burner for a while. I only expect this gig to last a couple of months – one of my tasks is to help them find someone qualified but less expensive to take over from me.

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