24 hours

Sunset on the Trump era (see above photo). Half of America (OK, maybe 55%) is breathlessly awaiting noon EST tomorrow, when the final rat is removed from the sinking ship that was the Trump presidency. The big rat himself, POTUS 45, Twitler, the Orange Menace, the Liar-in-Chief…one can go on and on.

And even now his henchmen continue to work against the peaceful transfer of power. Publishing an alternate history of America’s founding, trying to converge (white Christian) religion and democracy. Destroying hard drives and records of the Justice Department. Installing a Trump toady in a senior position of the NSA. Putting extreme pressure on the census Director to release a flawed and incomplete report, one that would undercount Blue districts. Issuing hundreds of pardons with no rhyme or reason other than Trumpism ideology and loyalty. Continuing the assault on clean air and water regulation. One can go on and on.

But 24 hours. Soon it’ll be over and the Biden administration can begin the largest toxic cleanup operation in history. America is generally a Superfund site at the moment. Bright, clean spots are few and far between. I know that’s a somewhat nihilistic view of the world, but how else can you interpret the state of things right now? “There’s nowhere to go but up” might be the best attitude. Almost anything Biden does will be an improvement.

It would be great to think that America would pull together to fix/improve things at this moment in history, just like people did after the Great Depression and WWII. But I don’t think that will happen. Biden’s team and progressives will be rowing one direction, and some large part of the country and our Congress will row in the opposite direction. That’s the thing that makes me most pessimistic. We’ve been a great country, capable of doing great things, through most of my lifetime. But we are likely to self-destruct our position as a world leader with the country divided as is.

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