I should be writing. Like, actual writing, not just throwing stuff out on the blog. But instead I’m:

  • Listening to Kruangbin, semi-obsessively. And watching them, in fact. My current favorite live set is a gorgeously video’d performance from 2018 at Villain / Pitchfork, whatever that is. They are my new definition of chill. Picture above from Guitarworld.
  • Reading book four of The Expanse, Cibola Burn. Huge books, characters I’ve come to love, and wildly imaginative. (Though I still don’t know what the title “Cibola Burn” means or refers to. WTF?)
  • Pinging my family back east to make sure everyone’s OK. The Rona is burning through the Midwest at a scary rate.
  • Catching up on a few little work/consulting items.

In other words, anything but the novel. Good thing I’m not under contract for the book. I gotta work on my resolve.

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