What’s new?

In the fight against Groundhog Day, some new things this week.

  1. I’m finally finished with a business proposal that took me most of a month. During that month I got a lot of good work done for one of my Board companies, but I also got nothing done on my novel. And I’m having a hard time getting restarted. Serious writer’s block.
  2. The world hit 3M and the US 1M confirmed COVID cases. No end in sight.
  3. I paid for an antibody test from a reputable lab. I should get the results today. If they’re positive, as I suspect, I’ll relax a little. The results either way won’t change much in the short term; it’s just data.
  4. Turns out UFOs are real and the US Navy admits it. No aliens yet, but a lot of unexplainable flying objects. In any other year this would be big news, but right now…meh. I’ll get excited if the aliens land and offer some pandemic help.
  5. I’m allowing myself to get drawn into contentious discussions on blogs and a few local social media platforms (not Facebook; I vacated that godawful platform years ago). Public platforms allow people to say really stupid shit and to feed off each other’s nonsense. I should know better than to respond, but with all this free time, I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Overall I’m finding that my work ethic is suffering in this time we’re in. When time was precious and crowded and scheduled, I was productive. Now that it’s all pretty much “free time”, I’m not productive. So I’m scheduling myself daily tasks and goals, hoping to get out of this funk.

And I miss photography. I need to take some solo trips out and capture some photons. Meanwhile, here’s a Hudson picture (title photo, above). He looks relaxed.

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