The answer is 42

I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Another week has flown by with us in isolation. I would have predicted the exact opposite, that it would feel like time passed slowly. But not so  – I suppose Groundhog Days are short.

Today is Day 42 of our isolation, an auspicious day for us Hitchhiker’s Guide aficianados. The US has reached 50,000 Covid-related deaths, by far the largest number in the world. So much for American exceptionalism.

In better news my daughter let me know about a cool online learning service, Masterclass. After looking at their classes and teachers, I signed up. I’m looking forward to cooking lessons from Thomas Keller and writing lessons from James Patterson. What better way to spend one’s days at home? (Beats the shit out of cleaning the garage.)

The strange wet and cool spring we’ve had in Socal has finally ended, and today we’re getting an early taste of summer. Will be 90+ degrees F here. Good day to stay inside and read/write/learn.

Things I miss these days. Golf with my golf buddies, and the short pub session afterward. Getting together with family and friends for cookouts and dinners. Traveling to see our family in other states. Going out to dinner or breakfast with K. International travel with K. That’s not a long list, but everything on it is/was/will be important to me.