For anyone left who thinks this isn’t serious

The featured picture above is from the best COVID-19 website I’ve seen. It’s updated multiple times per day and is sourced from reliable international data sources.

This isn’t just the flu, I’m sorry to say. This comparison of H1N1, SARS and COVID-19 70 days since each virus was discovered is compelling and frightening. Stay home and stay safe.

And…just to balance things out a bit, here’s some encouraging news from an expert. Trevor Bedford, an epidemiologist who experienced the WA state outbreak directly, has this to say about how we get through this best/fastest in the US.

“The upshot: The only way we’re really going to flatten the curve is:

a) a massive at-home testing effort

b) using cell phone location data to tell people who may have been exposed to self-isolate

c) allowing people who have known immunity (from having had it) back into the workforce once we know via blood test that they can’t get it or spread it anymore. That way, they can keep everything running while others fall sick. “

This makes total sense to me. Combine this with massive stimulus in the right economic sectors and we optimize our chances of national recovery. If only this guy was in charge…

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