Strange days

There’s no theme to this post, just a collection of timely thoughts and observations.

First up, if you’re interested in or worried about the Wuhan coronavirus, this prepper website is a great resource. It’s very hard to say how widespread and therefore dangerous this virus will become, so best to be informed.

Speaking of preppers, I have a bit of that tendency myself. Part of it was my constant safety/preparedness training at my job, part of it was living through the damnable 2007 fires, and part is just common sense. I have a bug-out bag in my car at all times. We have a PV roof and a new automated fire suppression system for outside the house. All my data is backed up in several places, including offsite. So anything that looks like a credible threat to our way of life, I enjoy getting prepared for it.

Second up, today was the day Kobe Bryant died. A complete shocker, and particularly sad that his helicopter had eight other people aboard, including his daughter. Kobe lived a very big life in only 41 years. RIP.

Third up, in a weird display of synchronicity, my best friend from high school is going through pretty much exactly the same thing as me with his father. Mike and I have a lot in common. We’re both the oldest of four brothers, each two years apart. We both went to UK and became engineers. Our birthdays are two days apart. And now we’re both enmeshed in moving our fathers from independent living to assisted living, ASAP. I’m a week or two ahead of Mike, but…wow. I suppose statistically it makes some sense – I believe our fathers are the same age, 84, and they live in the same town. But we were both dumbfounded when we learned of the coincidence. I hope to see Mike soon, once he’s got all the logistics of this move worked out. Best of luck!

In better news, my UK Wildcats defeated a tough Texas Tech team in Texas last night. It was the best basketball game I’ve seen in years, watched after a fun afternoon out at Cougar Vineyards. UK is finally coming around and looking like the team we hoped they’d be. Most of all, NICK RICHARDS! He’s the poster child for staying in college more than one year. Go Nick!

Finally, I spent a lot of time today modifying my home security system. Moved one motion sensor, added another, tested the sensors and just generally fine-tuned the system. It’s a good feeling knowing that our home now can’t be invaded without an immediate alarm and notification. And the technology available now to monitor and protect your property is pretty amazing.


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