Smell the roses

Might have to rethink the narrowly-defined charter for this blog – having nothing to say when we’re not traveling is a sure way to lose readers. I like blogs that update every day or two, and now that we’re past our manic travel schedule for 2019 it could be a while between posts.

Since returning from Malta things have gotten back to more or less normal, though I’m still figuring out what “normal” is in a post-retirement life. One sure thing is that I’ve gotten recommitted to creative writing. Attending last weekend’s Fallbrook Writer’s Conference with Kathryn was a big boost. We met some great people and I came away fired up to rewrite and finish the novel-in-progress.

Another thing on my mind a lot since returning is mortality. I suppose that’s normal for someone creeping up on 65, but it seems like a lot is happening in my orbit. My favorite blogger over at Blue Heron Blast fighting cancer again. My brother Mark with a semi-serious surgery. Celebrity deaths. My friend Lumpy recovering from a serious stroke. Another friend paralyzed in a bike accident. One of my best friends with skin cancer and some serious arrhythmia (who the hell can spell that right?). Life is pretty fragile. So I’m motivated to use my time better than in the past, and I’m doing pretty well.

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