Best of Cabo

This post may take a while to get right, but it’ll be fun looking through all the years of photos and getting the best ones. We’ve been to Cabo almost every year for the last 16 years or so. For example, the photo above is from 2003 when we took Emily and her friend Amber with us. The picture was taken at Cabo Wabo, Sammi Hagar’s somewhat infamous bar.

The town itself has changed a lot but the core values of Cabo remains the same – the beautiful ocean and beaches, the great cuisine and the relaxing atmosphere (if you’re selective about where you stay). We’ve managed to snag a great oceanfront room for our annual stay – very private and walk right out onto the beach. Definitely something to look forward to.

So…look for new pictures on this post every day or two. It will take a while to sort through them.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2a50.jpgThis picture, also taken in 2003, is one of my all-time favorites. It was taken with a Canon Powershot G2 with a 4 megapixel sensor. It’s taken from a sunset cruise (doh) and I got the sailboat just right. The coloring of the sky isn’t great, but…that’s the way it was. That’s another constant about Cabo – spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

This next picture is from 2005 and shows the beach where we stay even now. It’s also a great picture of my beautiful wife and traveling partner Kathryn. The camera was once again the venerable Canon G2.


This next picture is one of our favorites. We both look as young and happy as we were. Still happy, but 20 years older. Time flies…


This next pictures are more recent, from Feb 2018. We were on our annual panga-fishing expedition (a panga is a small boat, not a fish). In a panga you only go a mile or less UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a8fd.jpgoffshore, never out of sight of land. We typically catch mahi, yellowtail, roosterfish, dorado, etc. Everything we catch we eat, and we eat like kings for three days or so after a good outing.

Feb 13 was an auspicious day right from the start, as you can see in this stunning sunrise as we left the marina. On this day we hooked something quite unexpected – a sizable marlin. It took me 45 minutes to land him. This was by far the largest fish I’ve ever caught, and as I’m not inclined to go deep sea fishing it likely will remain my record.


And true to form we had piles of fresh fish for the next few days. We gifted half the marlin to the boat captain, then we commissioned about 20 pounds to be smoked and UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a90efrozen, and we kept about 6-7 pounds to eat fresh. We had heard that marlin wasn’t a great fish to eat, but that is 100% wrong. It was spectacular as sushi/sashimi, poached, fried – every way we tried it. So Mr. Marlin fed a lot of people.

YTAxgWc5R3W8n++53XMJNw_thumb_a14e.jpgFinal thoughts on this post – there are just too many great pictures and memories for a single blog post. So here’s one more picture from our Cabo adventures and I’ll plan to do a “Best of Cabo 2” sometime in the future. This is a spectacular sunset view from our condo with yours truly silhouetted in the frame. Definitely looking forward to getting back there next February.

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