Early Thoughts on the New Camera

I’ve had the Fuji X-T30 for a couple of weeks now and have taken it on a short trip. Here are some early impressions of it. (All shots in this post are with the X-T30. Doh.)

  • It is a great travel camera. Small and light, though perhaps too small for my meathook hands.
  • Its images are as sharp as I had hoped. Here’s a portrait of a friend taken at a local brewpub.


  • It’s complicated! I still can’t quite figure out some of the shot settings, and there’s so much information in the displays that it’s easy to shoot in a mode you didn’t want. I bought the camera because it was more of a traditional photographer’s architecture, as opposed to auto-processed all the time. But the menu complexity is going to take some getting used to.
  • As a result of the previous item I may shoot a lot in full manual mode. That’s how I learned photography and it’s still natural.
  • I bought a 35mm XF-series prime lens (the best) and a 50-230mm XC-series (lower quality build) zoom lens. The prime is great for walking around and portraits; the zoom is my favorite for everything else. I love being able to frame a photo with a quality zoom.


All in all I think the X-T30 is/was a good choice to restart my photography hobby. It will get a big workout in our upcoming Louisville and Europe trips.


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