7-17-19, Louisville

Fitting in a quick trip to Louisville on my way to Oakmont (!). Several different things about this trip:

  1. Heading to the Midwest in the midst of a huge heat wave.
  2. Going to Em and Greg’s new house for the first time. That’ll seem weird.
  3. First time traveling with the new camera.

First, Oakmont. It’s reputed to be the hardest course in America and most every review of it says it will defeat and discourage you. So why would I travel there to play? First, because it’s also one of the premier golf course in America, perhaps the world. LOTS of golf history there. Second, because being defeated and discouraged by a golf course is nothing new to me. Unlike zero handicaps I’m routinely humbled by a course, even your basic public track. So how bad can it be? Famous last words…

I’m going with my good friend Tracy and we’re playing as the guest of one of his clients/partners who is a third generation Oakmont member. We’re staying at the course in a caddy bunkhouse, that in itself a rare opportunity. It should be a memorable experience.

Em and Greg’s new house has turned out to be beautiful. They’ve managed to make it look finished and professionally decorated in only a week or two. I’m impressed. One view of the kitchen below.


And of course the other big reason to swing by Louisville is this guy in his new pool. Hudson is growing up fast, and I’m happy to be able to spend a little time with him. We’ll also be back here in a month for his second birthday.


Finally, the heat wave. Even though I’m less sensitive to the heat than K, it’s hot. Really hot and humid.

Screenshot_2019-07-18 Louisville, KY 10-Day Weather Forecast - The Weather Channel Weather com.jpg

Credit to The Weather Channel for the screen shot. Today (Thursday) we’ll stay hunkered down in the new house’s excellent air conditioning and visit.