A New Tradition

OK, it’s not precisely travel, but I feel that this event is relevant to this blog. Kathryn and I are attending the Fallbrook Writer’s Conference together for the second straight year. We attended last year on the cusp of my retirement, and it feels good to be going again. And it’s great to have a little gathering of writers right here in Fallbrook. Come join us if you’re so inclined – as of July 12 there are still 15 seats available.

Most of our friends know that writer’s conferences have a special meaning for us. We met at a writer’s conference in San Diego in 1999, when I was considering leaving corporate life and trying writing full time. After meeting Kathryn I decided I should stick with the job, because if two of us were struggling/unpublished/unpaid writers together, we might have been happy but we would have been destitute. It all turned out well and I now have the freedom to give it (writing) as big a try as I desire. Time will tell…

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