Alaska cruise, days 3-4 – Hubbard Glacier

I don’t know why, but I keep hearing odd phrases that sound like fun names for a rock band. Here are a few:

  • Fell Victim to An Arsonist
  • Pacific Waste
  • Everything Here is Edible
  • Awkward to Eat Your Friends (for context, the entire phrase, seen on a ball cap, was “Take a compass. It’s awkward to have to eat your friends.”).
  • Six Finger Fist
  • Fortress of the Bears

Vote for your favorite in the comments.

From Juneau it was an unmemorable overnight voyage to the Hubbard Glacier, but once we got there, whoa! The Mendenhall is an impressive glacier (see previous post). But the Hubbard is a GLACIER, full stop. Awesome is a word used too much, but that’s the best word to describe the Hubbard. Five miles wide, 350 feet tall (another 250 feet under water, we’re told), the Hubbard gets your full attention. Like many things we’ve seen in Alaska, its sheer scale is just hard to take in. Turns out the Hubbard is thankfully one of the exceptions to the whole


“climate-change-omg-the glaciers-are-disappearing” thing. The Hubbard is not retreating at all. Our cruise ship got within a mile, so through binocs we could see a lot of detail. We saw several great instances of icebergs calving off the Hubbard. You’d see them and hear the cannon-shot sound a few seconds later. Awe-inspiring, impressive, humbling, sacred…take your pick of adjectives, the Hubbard inspired all those feelings. Loved it.

We got lots of (hopefully) great pictures, and here are a few.

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